We have bred beagles as a hobby since 1975. We have around ten adults most of the time. One is a champion stud dog imported from a top show kennel in the USA, two are young Champion stud dogs that are being shown, three are young females that will be in the show ring this year or next, and the rest are females that are either retired or will produce our current litters. We like to show most of our breeding stock to their championships.  Our bloodlines combine some top show stock from Canada, the USA, Brazil, Finland, France and Australia. 


Four out of the top five Agility beagles in Canada for the last two years were from our kennel, which shows both their soundness and their great temperaments!


Our puppies are born in the house and spend their first few weeks there. Then they are moved to a heated building with a doggy door leading to sheltered runs so that they can learn to be clean and start to house train at an early age.  The pups are moved there after they are active enough to go outside to play. They will still be socialized daily, not only by ourselves but also by lots of visitors. As they get a bit older and stronger, they are put into really large pens with dog houses to exercise during the day.


We have ten acres, and we usually allow the dogs to run on the acre or so around the house for extra exercise. However, each of our dog runs is at least 30 by 50 feet, and our adults spend most of their time in these runs with insulated dog houses for shelter. They love the freedom and exercise they are allowed with this living style.


We have anywhere from one to several litters a year depending on which females we have in breeding condition that are not being currently shown (or are retiredJ).


Most of our pups are sold as pets with the agreement that he/she be spayed or neutered before 8 months of age. Our pet puppies are great looking, have great dispositions, and many could likely could become champions, but we can't keep them all or the quality of life would go down for the rest of them.


We do make sure the breeding dogs have eye checks at the Veterinary Ophthalmologist and any checks for any other problems that could be genetic. I worked for a veterinarian for 25 years, so we have been able to do more checking than the average breeder. Let me know if you are interested.